PEI, a service platform for education, research and industry

As a researcher from our university you may benefit from the hosting of your research project on the platform and the associated services.

20m² slots, equipped with fluids, fume cupboards, wet benches, extraction systems, high-voltage supply, and internet connexions are available for the installation of your project. Associated to these slots, you will benefit from an access to shared offices, to rooms specially equipped for the preparation of your samples and manipulations involving chemistry, as well as to a set of equipment and materials (pH meters, glassware, UHQ water dispenser etc...)

Please contact our partnership manager to know more about our hosting capacities

As the manager of a startup company from our scientific perimeter, you may benefit from hosting your R&D in our premises.

PEI has offices and laboratory rooms for startups. These spaces are leased for a maximum period of 6 years to young companies whose R&D activity is in line with the scientific axes of the platform. The objective of PEI is to facilitate the start-up of your activity by giving you access to services and collaborations with our laboratories.

Our startup area is equipped with all the amenities: ventilated cabinets, fume cupboards, wet benches, laboratory furniture for technical rooms, high-speed internet connexion for offices. A set of shared services is also available: special waste collection, event reception, meeting rooms, cafeteria, secured bicycle garage, showers and locker rooms...

Please, contact our partnership manager to find out more about your company's hosting options.

As a teacher, you can benefit from premises to host your lectures or practical sessions.
PEI offers several classrooms to accommodate 25 to 60 students, as well as an education laboratory equipped with instrumented pilots for practical sessions related to industrial processes and environmental management, and a sample preparation room equipped for chemistry.
We can also provide you with a set of 10 laptops for your sessions.

Please contact our partnership manager to know more about our hosting capacities for your teaching activities.

As an R&D manager, engineer or company director, you may be interested in meeting our researchers and start a collaboration on a specific topic.

With 9 partner laboratories and nearly 500 researchers, PEI has a unique scientific expertise in fluid and solid mechanics, soft matter physics, process engineering, design and shaping of materials...

Contact our partnerships manager to tell him more about your problem, we will organise a meeting with our experts to initiate discussions and consider collaboration.